Arlington fly-in 2019

Credit: 2019

Hey, everyone! It’s that time of year again! The Arlington-Flyin is having it’s 51st. Anniversary Event! This year we are making every effort to put on a great Hot Air Baloon show and Night Glow. If mother nature plays nice perhaps we can get in some flight time too.

The event is always looking for volunteers so if you are interested check out the volunteer sign up page. A lot of good people work all year round to put on this show and they are always looking for more volunteers. After you register volunteer don’t forget to check out the Arlington-Flyin volunteers Facebook page to keep up with the latest.

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of an event without all the guests so be sure to check the Official Site for the latest event schedule. Bring your friends, bring your family and get ready to have a good time! You can speed up registration at the gate by always buying your tickets online in advance!

Arlington Fly-In Radio will be on 89.3FM when you are at the show. I will post a schedule in the next update.

See you there!

New Website

Welcome to the New or should I say! The new website will serve as home for not only the shared family blog as it always has, but also now include the personal blogs and contributions submitted by individual family members.

If you need a site made up please contact Michael

Eagle Spotting

The Johnson family Greg, Shawn and Mike went up the Skagit River in a boat in order to get a better viewing of all the Bald Eagles (The United States National Bird) It was a gorgeous clear day on the Skagit river. Our tour guide Wayne was Captain of the boat that floated our family down the river in a heated rowboat, After about an hour and a half Wayne offered the passengers warm cups of hot chocolate and periodic information about the local wildlife.

Here are just a few of the great pictures from the tour.

100_1262 100_1281 100_1287 100_1321 100_1326_2 100_1330 100_1331 100_1331_2 100_1340_2 100_1347_2 100_1348 100_1349_2 IMG_0614 IMG_0615


World Series

World Series Field 2012 Game 1 @ SF
World Series Field 2012 Game 1 @ SF

This year Michael and his Roommate Nick had the pleasure to see the World Series live and in person in San Francisco. This year the Giants swept the Detroit Tigers to win their second World Series in 3 years.

The Excitement in the crowd was un-containable in San Francisco for game one and it would set the tone for the Giants for the rest of the series.


Morning Balloon Flight

We’re on the second day of the Arlington Fly-in air show Greg Lynda, Sharon and Mike got up around 4 am so we could meet Larry Simburger and his crew out on the airfield for a morning air flight over Arlington. Below are some pictures from the balloon flight. Click on any picture you want to see full size. I will add a link to the post later that will include the videos we shot as well.

We would like to thank Larry and his son Matt for letting us come out and help him crew for his balloon we had fun.

Fly-In - Thursday Morning Balloon 013Fly-In - Thursday Morning Balloon 033Fly-In - Thursday Morning Balloon 057

We have a lot more pictures from the first day of flight to see them all head over to flickr and check out the slideshow.

The Full Link:

On the Crew…

Larry – Pilot
Sharon – Passenger & Crew
Matt – Crew Chief
Greg  – Crew
Heather – Crew
Mike – Photos

An American Family

April 24 through 26 2009

The Family traveled to beautiful Thousand Oaks California over the weekend and visited a bit of history. Making stop to see their Alma-mater represented at the local Fuddruckers. Check out the pictures below, which captures a moment in time, a brother and sister sitting side by side taking a trip back in time. Their spouses in reflection*.

To complete this journey they traveled to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, to share in the experience of another history, a national history, and arguably one of the best Leaders the United Sates ever had.