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A Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas

We are sorry we missed our trip to Wichita, Ks due to an unexpected gall bladder removal for Lynda Thursday December 20th. Lynda in the hospital from Tuesday until Friday December 21st. Home now and feeling better will be taking at easy for a few weeks. Greg is now chief cook and bottle washer and has his hands full taking care of Lynda.


Get Well Flowers

Thanks to all our friends and family for your support and the beautiful
flowers. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

White Christmas


Wichita XMAS 2007 03

Tim, & Angela Jacobs, Lynda’s sister and brother in law enjoy a white Christmas for X-Mas 2007. Looks like some storm! There are some great Photo’s here make sure you read on to see a few more. In other news Lynda and Greg had to postpone their trip to Wichita till February due to an acute gal-bladder infection which forced Lynda into the hospital over the 2007 Holiday season. More info on this to come in the next post. The family sends its best wishes to Lynda and for her swift recovery.

Wichita XMAS 2007 03 Wichita XMAS 2007 02 Kansas Snow Storm Continue reading White Christmas

What’s New 2007

Family - Together Nov, 07 001

Holidays 2007 has seen a lot of events in the family, such as the family get together down in Phoenix over Thanksgiving week. Which really got slated in order to move Mike to California. Dad and (Mom) Lynda came down from Washington to help effect the move. Thanks to all the family assistance from Mom and Dad plus, Sharon, Dennis, Grandma as well as thanks are well deserved for Austin and Baily who where a big help too. Continue reading What’s New 2007