Family - Together Nov, 07 001

Holidays 2007 has seen a lot of events in the family, such as the family get together down in Phoenix over Thanksgiving week. Which really got slated in order to move Mike to California. Dad and (Mom) Lynda came down from Washington to help effect the move. Thanks to all the family assistance from Mom and Dad plus, Sharon, Dennis, Grandma as well as thanks are well deserved for Austin and Baily who where a big help too.

The point from Pack up to move out, and turn in the keys took about 4 days, and another 3 days on arrival to California.
Before Mike would leave Arizona there was time yet for family. The family came together and helped around Grandma Marilyn’s Greg fixed this and that and we all pitched in where we could and where able, doing our best to bare the heat and work around the climate. It was commented more then a few times how fun it was to work together as a family & accomplish what we set out to do. The Layout out of landscape rock was one of the biggest and most fulfilling projects making Grandma’s new home even more lovely, and Grandma new just when the time was right to lay out the snacks and keep us all well fed. We really had a great time, and it was so wonderful to bring everyone together.

We have added some of the latest pictures taken over on the left menu. Do enjoy them that is what they are there for.
Michael has arrived in California and is all set to persue his new future, and Greg and Lynda have returned to their homes in Washington a day ahead of schedule. With time to spare to unload the extras that where sent up in preperation for summer. They prepare for the coming work week and ready themselves for the next big trip. Yje Johnson’s are expected to visit Family in Wichita this Christmas, and everyone there is excited to host them for the season.