About Us

The Johnson Family has been apart of American life for many Generations and can trace our lineage clearly back to Immigrants who came through Ellis Island in New York. Our family is blessed with loved ones who share and contribute many talents that benefit the American society. We are industrialists, civil servants, police officers, teachers, writers, IT specialists, photographers, engineers, and active students both college as well as K through 12. Of course, we are most importantly fathers mothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters who all love each other very much.

We have roots in many places, such as, Minnesota, Kansas, Arizona, Washington State, and California. We are not shy of any type of activity especially activities that include fresh clean open air. We feel that time spent outside is essential to healthy living, but we are not scared of and very much in fact enjoy computers and technology as well when we are suited to spend time in doors. Of course a nice game of cards is also a very welcome pastime with fellow family members as well.

This site will consist of a cooperative family blog where all family members will share in the contributions. The site will also include sub sites and blogs of each individual family member who chooses to maintain their own personal story. We hope you enjoy what we have to share through this site. Making new friends and establishing good social relationships we feel is the key to a happy healthy life. We hope that by sharing a little about ourselves people will understand better the type of family the Johnson’s are.